The Phenix has been built to ensure an excellent comfort for its pilots and passengers, with sufficient room to take luggages up to small foldable tent in its rear compartment.


The fuselage is 100% carbon-fiber, with the exception of the mast. It is calculated to the Brittish BCAR-T standards, the most demanding in Europe, and calculated for a maximal take-off weight of 560 kg. Note that local regulations can limit this MTOW to 472,5 kg in some countries.


All dimensions below are in cm.


The prototype is powered by a Rotax 914, giving 115 HP at full take-off RPM, 100 HP permanently. This power is only used at take-off.


The owner has the choice between:
- a DUC Swirl three blades, for maximizing cruise speed, respectively reducing fuel consumption;
- a DUC Windspoon three blades, for maximizing take-off distances.


This is a metallic Averso rotor, rotorhead with anti-batting system, including an hydraulic prerotator 250 RPM.


Cabin is built to accomodate pilots up to 190 cm (and more..) in such a way that they feel comfortable, neither "eating their knees", nor "bumping their head". The cabin features ample storage under each seat, and a number of places to put maps, sunglasses, etc.

It comes standard with dual controls, foldable stick on pilot's side, removable stick and pedals on passenger side, adjustable pedals in both cases.

Seats are anatomic, with comfortable cushions that cen be removed and washed. Cabin if fully carpeted.


The Phenix is delivered standard with full instrumentation (digital for the ultralight version), including radio and transponder.


Large doors make entering and exiting the Phenix easy. No "gymnastic" needed. Both doors are removable for flights in warm climates.


The safety parachute is included standard. There are extremely few occurences when you would use a parchute in a gyrocopter, but just in case...

Fuel tank:

The standard fuel tank is 80 liters mogas. This gives a 400 - 600 km range (4 hours) dependsing on engine use.


All accessories are aviation-grade, high-end ones. Wheels are Behringer, etc.